Organising Committee 2020



S. Kruijff, MD PhD

C. Hammer, MD

J.L.N. Roodenburg, MD PhD

F.A.E. Kruyt, MD PhD

M. Jalving, MD PhD

A.M. Leliveld-Kors, MD PhD

G.B. Halmos, MD PhD

C. Lemstra

W.Y. van der Plas

Endocrine and Oncologic Surgeon

Oncologic Radiotherapist

Professor Head and Neck Oncology

Professor Experimental Oncology

Medical Oncologist

Oncologic Urologist

Head and Neck Oncologist

Physician assistant

PhD student

Organising Students

Nienke van der Windt


My name is Nienke van der Windt, I am 21 years old and I am currently in my third year of the study medicine. I will be the chairman of the Summer School 2020. I was raised in Groningen so I know all the ins and outs of the city and can make sure nobody will get lost during the summer school. Besides organizing the Summer School I like to play a lot of different sports, playing a bit of guitar and go for a new challenge every now and then.
Last year I went to Vienna for the Summer School oncology 2019. This was a really nice experience where I learned a lot about Oncology/organizing a Summer school and met a lot of nice people around the world.
I’m really looking forward to meet u all and to make sure u won’t forget this amazing Summer School.

Amber Brink


My name is Amber Brink, like the gemstone which happens to be the same color as my hair. I’m 21 years old and in the third year of medicine. So far, oncology is definitely one of the subjects I find most interesting. Last year, I have been to the Summer School Oncology in Vienna. It was an experience I will never forget! That’s why I’m very excited to be able to experience it again this year, with all of you. I used to do gymnastics a lot, but nowadays my split is just a party trick. Besides that I like to sing, play the piano and be creative. Also, I have way too many Harry Potter pyjamas. This year I will be the treasurer and I hope that we will have a great time together.

Sytske Kuipers


My name is Sytske Kuipers, I am 21 years old and this year the secretary of the summer school. So If you send us an email, the answer will often come from me. Currently I am in my 3rd year of medicine and I am still really enjoying this. When I am studying medicine, I especially like puzzling. You always get small pieces of information and with this you have to find the diagnosis, in my opinion very nice! Besides studying, I like to do many other things; as an example I really love to party, where I show everyone all my crazy dance steps. After this I always have the weird habit of going to the snack bar, because all the crazy dancing makes me extremely hungry. In de snack bar I always buy my favorite snack, bitterballen with ketchup (a bit crazy with ketchup, I know). Probably you guys don’t know what this is, but it is delicious. In addition to parties, I also enjoy sports (especially field hockey) and traveling. I am really looking forward to the summer school next year and I hope to see you all, so I can show you guys my crazy dance moves and we can have a lot of fun together!

Eerde Weening


My name is Eerde Weening, I am 19 years old and currently in my second year of medicine. Besides studying, my personal goals for this year are to run a half marathon, cycle the ‘elfstedentocht’ (235km) and of course to have a lot of fun with all of you during the summer school! If you don’t see me in jogging or cycling wear, I will most likely be found in the city, behind the piano or accordion or at one of Groningen’s best parties. For this year’s Summer School Oncology, Eline and I will organize the educational program, making sure you will learn a lot from oncology using an interactive and multidisciplinary approach of learning!

Eline Koops


My name is Eline Koops. I’m 20 years old and currently in my third year of medicine. This year I joined the organizational committee of this summer school in which Eerde and I will be organizing the educational program. We will do our very best to put together an interesting and interactive program! Besides working on the summerschool I’m also part of a research team in the UMCG and another committee, which I both really enjoy! I’ve lived in Groningen for 2 years now in a house with an international character, it’s so crooked we call it ‘huize Pisa’ (after the Italian leaning tower of Pisa). In the weekends I work in a coffee place so when you’re looking for good coffee in Holland you know where to find me :).

Rein Rensen


My name is Rein, which is a Dutch synonym for ‘clean’. I will organize this year’s social program. So as you might expect, it will be the most clean thing you have ever experienced. Every event will just be perfect. But now I will stop bragging about the program, so I will go on bragging about myself. I am a 21 year old student who lives in Groningen for about 3,5 years now. I am actually an illegal member of the committee, because I don’t study Medicine at the moment (don’t tell the rest!). Last year I finished my bachelor’s degree in Medicine and now I study Philosophy for one year. I also started playing cello a couple of weeks ago, so I feel very sophisticated now. I do all this to compensate for my past, because I grew up in a small farmers village called Doetinchem. Doetinchem is located in an area with the name ‘de Achterhoek’, which literally means ‘the Backcorner’. So as you might have noticed, this doesn’t sound sophisticated at all.

Leila Berntsen


My name is Leila, I am 19 years old and currently I am in the second year of medicine. So far, I think that Oncology is the most interesting subject of medicine. Although I am quite impulsive, for now I would really like to be an oncologist when I am older. I came to Groningen to sail, because in the North of Holland there are many beautiful lakes (by Dutch standards). I actually have not come to a lot of sailing yet, because I was too busy with playing field hockey, going to fun parties and of course also quite a bit of studying. My friends most know me for laughing about my own jokes, it did happen more than one time that I am the only one who laughs. But luckily my laugh is infectious, so although my joke isn’t funny, people end up laughing anyway. This year I will be responsible for the promotion and the acquisition, so hopefully I can bring you all some joy with cool gadgets, discounts and my infectious laugh.