Organising Committee 2018

organising committee

Left to right, back row: S. Kruijff, J. L. N. Roodenburg, J. Vonk, F. A. E. Kruyt, B. G. Szabó. Second row: E. Boske, C. Hammer, N. Grotenhuis. Third row: P. Nienhuis, J. Gijsbers. Fourth row: H. Quaedvlieg, W. Wessels


S. Kruijff, MD PhD

C. Hammer, MD

J.L.N. Roodenburg, MD PhD

F.A.E. Kruyt, MD PhD

M. Jalving, MD PhD

B.G. Szabo

Endocrine and Oncologic Surgeon

Oncologic Radiotherapist

Professor Head and Neck Oncology

Professor Experimental Oncology

Medical Oncologist

Radiation Oncologist

Organising Students

Emily Boske, chair

Emily Boske

Hi everyone! I am Emily, I am 21 years old and I will be the chair for this year’s Summer School on Oncology. Currently I am in the third and last year of my bachelor Medicine in Groningen. During these years, interests for several specialisations were triggered including the field of oncology! Being part of the learning community Global Health I have an interest for different cultures and their approach to medicine. In my free time I work at the Doktersdienst Groningen and I enjoy spending time with friends, doing sports and cooking.

I am looking forward to meeting you in our wonderful city Groningen and guide you in experiencing the most wonderful educational and social week in the field of oncology!

Hugo Quaedvlieg, Secretary

Hugo Quaedvlieg

Hi guys! My name is Hugo, I am 20 years old, and since I’m this years secretary I will answer most of your mails and you can ask me all of your questions. I am in my third year of medicine now, and part of the learning community intramural care. This means that we’re slightly more guided towards clinical medicine than research, but both have my interest.

Besides studying I’m active in the studentscouting association in Groningen, and I like to cycle. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and have an amazing time together!

Nina Grotenhuis, Treasurer

Nina Grotenhuis

Hi medical students from all over the world! My name is Nina and I’m the treasurer of the summer school oncology 2018. I’m a third year medical student, especially interested in surgery and oncology. Apart from this committee I’m also a student assistent for the anatomy department, which I absolutely love doing!

Furthermore I went to the summer school oncology 2017 in Vienna and I can all recommend you to subscribe, because the experience is just amazing! I hope to see you in Groningen next summer!

Julia Gijsbers, Social Program

Julia Gijsbers

Hi there! How nice that you are interested in joining the Summer School Oncology! I’m Julia, a third year medical student in Groningen. During these days I’m going to organise the social program. That means that after a day of lectures and activities there also will be time to get to know each other, to relax but especially to have a lot of fun! Besides organising a wonderful time for you I’m swimming twice a week, hanging out with friends and attending now and then a little party.

I really can’t wait to show you the beautiful city Groningen and to learn you how to bike,  so I really hope to see you in July to have a wonderful time with us!

Welmoed Wessels, Educational Program

Welmoed Wessels

Hey everyone! My name is Welmoed and I’m organizing the educational program together with Pieter. I’m 22 years old and I’m also in my third year of medicine. Just like Emily, I’m in the learning community Global Health because I’m very interested in other cultures and their way of practicing medicine. Furthermore I love to play tennis, do pilates, travel and hang out with friends.

I can’t wait to meet all of you during the summer school in July! Pieter and I have some really nice things planned for you about the subject of oncology. I’m not going to reveal all the secrets of the program yet :). But there is one thing for sure: you’re really going to have an unique and amazing experience here in Groningen!

Pieter Nienhuis, Educational Program

Pieter Nienhuis

Hi! My name is Pieter, I am 20 years old and currently in my third year of medicine. Together with Welmoed, I will be organising the educational programme for the Summer School Oncology. I really like organising this, because I am interested in internal medicine and especially in oncology. Apart from being interested in the clinical aspect, I also like doing research.

I hope you will join us because the programme will be a unique experience in which we will show you the interesting world of medical oncology. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Groningen coming July!