Application procedure

Through our application procedure, we would like to get to know you, your interests, your academic career and your motivation for our Summer School. We are looking for motivated students that are interested in the field of oncology including both the clinical and research aspect.
If you have any questions regarding the application procedure or specifically one part, please send an e-mail to If you are certain of applying and have no questions you can send everything mentioned below to

The application deadline for the Summer School Oncology Groningen 2018 is the 1st of April. Your application has to include the following four criteria below. Only complete applications concerning all four points will be taken into consideration. You will then receive a response as soon as possible. Before the 15th of May you have to hand in your abstract or case study. This is not part of the selection procedure, however it is mandatory and used during the Summer School. 


The e-mail with your application for the Summer School Oncology Groningen has to include the following:

A motivational pitch on video of 1 minute. We would like you to tell us the following:

Something on your personality and interests;

Why you chose to apply for this Summer School;

What you think you will gain from participating in this year’s Summer School.

Feel free to add anything that you think is important for us to know.
If a video is not possible due to whatever circumstances, please send us a motivational letter of no more than 400 words.

Your Curriculum Vitae

A letter of recommendation from a physician or supervisor of yours

 A filled-in form for all personal and practical information. If you choose to fill in the form by hand, please make sure to send a photo of you as mentioned in the form with your application e-mail.


Before the 15th of May:  Your abstract or case study. We refer you for instructions to “Abstract instructions”. This abstract or case study can be sent to us later than the rest of your application documents, but no later than the 15th of May. It is not part of the selection procedure, however, it is mandatory and is used during the Summer School.