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Summer School Oncology 2020

We are excited to present our website to you for the upcoming edition of the Summer School Oncology in Groningen! The Summer School will be held in the period of 1-10 July 2020 this summer.
The first edition of the Summer School was organised in 1996 in Groningen. From then on, we collaborated with the Medical University of Vienna to organise it alternatingly in Groningen or Vienna. The vision of our schools has remained unchanged since then: we teach a multidisciplinary approach to medical students before they enter the clinic.

Which students do we select for the Summer School?
We are looking for motivated medical students who have an interest in the medical field of oncology. Students from all over the world, including from our own country the Netherlands, are welcome to participate. If you are at the start of or in the middle of your medical studies, have a look around on our website and apply to our school!