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Meaningful Music in Healthcare (MIMIC)” (BNR radio 1, 03-01-2018)

“Descision making process from a nurses perspective” (Max Magazine, 29-07-2017)

Muziek is een noodzaak voor ernstig zieke patienten” (Dagblad van het Noorden, 21-07-2017)

“Besluitvorming bij oudere oncologische patiënt” (Radio 1, 03-06-2017)

“Minder ouderen onder het mes na een extra gesprek” (Trouw, 01-06-2017)

Onderzoek supervisor

Drs MG Huisman (MD-PhD trajectory): ”Risk estimation is oncogeriatric surgical patients” – PhD expected March 2018

 Drs H vd Wal-Huisman, nurse: “Influencing outcome in elderly surgical cancer patients through non-invasive strategies”   – PhD expected 2020

  Drs FJ van der Sluis, surgical resident: “Predicting the treatment outcome in colorectal cancer” – PhD exepcted 2018

Drs M Faut, surgical resident: “New perspectives in regional treatment of melanoma” – PhD expected 2018

 Drs LBM Weerink, radiology resident: “Sarcopenia in relation to postoperative decline in elderly cancer patients” – PhD expected 2020

 Drs SC Stokmans: “Nutritional status and functional capacity in elderly cancer patients” – PhD expeted 2020

 Drs O Vrielink: “Innovative surgical techniques in surgical oncology” – PhD expected 2020

 M Leimkuhler (MD-PhD trajectory): “Different aspects of the treatment of peritoneal disease” – PhD expected 2020

 Drs M Plas: “The surgery evoked inflammatory response in elderly surgical cancer patients” – PhD expected 2020

 Drs S. Festen: “The decision making process in complex elderly patients” – PhD expected 2021



Member Scientific Committee Annual Meeting International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), Warsaw Poland.

Collaboration with Prins Claus conservatorium in project Meaningful Music in Healthcare

Member of Dutch Melanoma Tumor Focus Group

 Member Organising committee of Annual Regional Melanoma meeting, North Netherlands

Member Organising Committee of the Biannual Symposium of Gerionne (Dutch Foundation for Geriatrics and Oncology)

Member of the Dutch Research Task Force of Gerionne

Member Surgical Task Force of International Society of Geriatric Oncology.

Member EORTC Task Force for Cancer in the Elderly

Board member of Gerionne

Member Scientific Committee Annual Meeting International Society of Geriatric Oncology (SIOG), Berlin Germany


Junior Scientific Masterclass (JSM) supervisor

Research internship supervisor

JSM Science Elective “Surgery in the Elderly”